Semantic markup; and API usage
CSS and CSS frameworks
Object Oriented CSS; BEM; Twitter Bootstrap; and Zurb Foundation
CSS pre-processors
LESS; and SASS (with Compass)
Style Sheet Driven Development
Responsive web design
Cross browser compatibility issues
Javascript Development
Native development and use of libraries including: jQuery; underscore; lodash; D3; and Zepto. Experience of developing with the full MEAN stack (MongoDB-Express-Angular-Node)
SPA development with Javascript Frameworks
Angular, Backbone, and basic React
Javascript coding standards and linting
JSHint: esLint; and JSCS
handlebar.js; and Jade
Integration with Restful APIs
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Qunit; Jasmine; Karma; Mocha; Chai; and Sinon
End to End Integration testing
Selenium; and Protractor (for Angular)
Front End Process Automation
Grunt; Gulp; Bower; and npm
Visual Regression Testing.
Version Control Systems
Git; Github; Bitbucket; and SVN
Agile Development Processes and tools
Scrum; Kanban; Jira; Confluence; and Trello