Semantic markup; accessibility standards; API usage
CSS and CSS frameworks aand pre-processors
Object Oriented CSS; BEM; Twitter Bootstrap; Zurb Foundation; TailWind CSS; LESS; SASS
Javascript and Typescript Development
Angular SPA Development
Angular 2+; RxJs; ngxs REDUX ; NgRx REDUX
Other Front End Frameworks
Next.js; React; Backbone
Hybrid Mobile Application Development
Ionic (with Angular); Capacitator
Developing UI Coding Standards and best practice
ESlint; TSLint; Prettier
Unit testing
Test Driven Development (TDD); Karma; Jasmine; Jest; Qunit; Mocha; Chai
End to End testing
Front End Process Automation
Node and npm; Grunt; Gulp
Version Control Systems
Git (Github; Bitbucket); Git branching strategies; Git Hooks; SVN
Agile Development Processes and tools
Scrum; Kanban; Jira; Confluence; TFS; Trello
Responsive web design
Cross browser compatibility issues
Integration with Restful APIs